Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fried banana egg rolls with gelato. She likes it.

Zinger visited Three Seasons in Palo Alto and had some awesome dessert. Fried banana egg rolls with vanilla gelato and caramel sauce. Very tasty combination. She likes it.

Road trip with Little Monchichai. She likes it.

Zinger continued her vacation with Little Monchichai. Little Monchichai is one fun loving monkey. She likes it.

Missing one Timbit. She doesn't like it.

While enjoying the sunset on the beach. Zinger munched on a box of Timbits. The box says 10 Timbits but Zinger only had 9 in the box. Where is the missing Timbit? She looked for it and could not find it. Someone ate it? She doesn't like it.

Zinger on the beach. She likes it.

Zinger went to an undisclosed place to relax and enjoy sweets while on vacation. She has been working very hard and the beach is a perfect place to rest her cylinder. Nice warm beach with gentle breeze. While watching the sunset, Zinger enjoyed some Timbits. Sweet Timbits are perfect for the sweet cylinder. She likes it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A fun little pink mokey. She likes it.

Little Monchichai was supposed to go visit Alaska and take a cruise. But someone left her behind. ( Zinger doesn't like it ) So Zinger took little Monchichai on their own vacation. First they visited the amusment park. They also went to National park. Here is a shot of Little Monchichai in front of a beautiful waterfall. Zinger likes it.

Summer vacation fun. She likes it.

Little Monchichai is a fun loving monkey. Recently she went to amusement park with Zinger. They rode roller coasters. Little Monchichai sat in the first car and Zinger sat in the second car. Little Monchichai is fearless. She loved riding roller coasters. What a fun way to start the summer. Zinger likes it.