Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TJS buttermilk biscuit. She likes it.

TJS sells frozen buttermilk biscuit that you can bake at home. Over the weekend. Cousins made some of these biscuits and they were very tasty. Especially when they were hot. Zinger ate the biscuits with butter, strawberry jam and whipped cream. They were super good. Zinger is not sure why those biscuits shrunk when they cooled. Good flaky biscuits. She likes it.

Savemart donuts. She doesn't like it.

Today, someone got some savemart donuts ( buttermilk and cinnamon swirl ). Zinger tried both. The donuts do not have very good flavor and the texture is not soft and chewy. The sugar coating does not taste good either. She took one bite out of each donut and that was all she could eat. She doesn't like it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Paris Baguette pastries. She likes it.

Zinger has been waiting for Paris Baguette pastries ever since she found out about this new bakery yesterday. And the wait is over. By special delivery, Zinger got some Paris Baguette pastries tonight. Zinger couldn't wait to eat the sweet pastries. Yum, yum sweet pastries. Zinger likes it.

Waiting to visit Paris Baguette Bakery. She doesn't like it.

Sunday early morning around 1AM, someone sent an email to Zinger's iPhone that there is a new Korean Bakery in Santa Clara. And that they have good pastries and bread. Zinger loves to eat sweets so she wanted to visit the bakery on Sunday. But nobody took her there. She waited and waited. Still no shuttle to the bakery. She doesn't like it.

Concaved belly. She doesn't like it.

Zinger hasn't had a physical in a while. So she had an exam to make sure that her cylinder is healthy and looks good. The exam results showed that her belly is concaved in. There is a groove on her belly. This is due to the blanket she parks on that is too short and digs into her belly. In order to maker her cylinder better, she needs to be massaged to make her cylinder smooth and even throughout the length. Her blanket also needs to be adjusted and mesaured so that it perfectly aligns with her cylinder. Her cylinder weight should be distributed evenly on the blanket. No perfect cylinder. She doesn't like it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wii Outdoor Challenge is fun. She likes it.

More than 30 hours after Zinger received the game from Amazon, she finally got to play it. Zinger was running and jumping on the mat. She really exercised all 4 flappers and worked up a sweat.  But thanks to the UA heat gear she had on, she stayed dry throughout the game.  Zinger really enjoyed playing all the different games. She likes it.  

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wii Outdoor Challenge is here. She likes it.

Ding dong!!  Zinger looked out of the window and saw the mail truck outside. She hurried to the front door and opened the door. There it is. Amazon box sitting on the front porch. Wii Outdoor Challenge is finally here.  The wait is over and she can play it this weekend. She likes it. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Wii Outdoor Challenge yet. She doesn't like it.

Zinger ordered Wii Outdoor Challenge game from Amazon last Friday.  They have not shipped the game yet. Looks like Zinger won't be able to play it this weekend. She doesn't like it. 

Finally, someone left a comment. She likes it.

Zinger has been waiting for someone to leave a comment on her blog. Finally, Josh did. She likes it. And Josh is from Hawaii.  Even better. She likes it. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

No Homemaid Manju. She doesn't like it.

Homemaid bakery in Maui opened a new retail outlet next to Maui Coffee Roasters. Zinger wants to try Homemaid manju and other sweet stuff they have. But since she didn't get to go to Maui, so no Homemaid sweets for her. She doesn't like it. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missing tow hitch cover. She doesn't like it.

Zinger's car Zinger has a tow hitch. And it has a cover. But the cover is missing. She doesn't like it. 

7-eleven Meat Jun w/spicy chicken bento box. She likes it.

Zinger likes 7-eleven in Hawaii because they sell musubis, sushi rolls and hot bentos. She likes meat jun and the spicey chicken bento. She also likes the scrambled eggs with portugese sausages. She doesn't really eat these because she only eats sweets. But she approves of them. Flappers up to 7-eleven. She likes it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Wireless Mouse. She likes it.

Zinger just received a new wireless USB mouse. The USB reciever is very slim (1/4") and does not stick out of the laptop. And it works very well. Cut and paste operation is good. She likes it.  

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lips not fixed. She doesn't like it.

Zinger likes to be well groomed. She likes her lips clean and no fur covering her lips. So periodically she gets her lips fixed. It has been a while since her lips were fixed. So she requested a lip fix. She waited and waited and waited. But nobody fixed her lips. She doesn't like it. 

WF stickybun. She likes it.

Zinger got a WF stickybun yesterday. It was sticky, sweet and flaky. Just the way a stickybun should be. She likes it.

No ticket to Hawaii. She doesn't like it.

Zinger has been wanting to go to Hawaii for a while. She wants to go pillow boarding there in Maui. So she asked to book a ticket to go there a couple of weeks ago. So she had packed her luggage and her pillow board and all ready to go. She was waiting. And waiting. Then yesterday, she found out the bad news that nobody booked her a ticket so she cannot go. She was very disappointed. She dosn't like it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Zinger'd. She doesn't like it.

Zinger was waiting for Zinger'd from Noe Valley Bakery. But it turned out that nobody went to Noe Valley. It was a miscommunication.  She doesn't like it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hot!! Fan in the box. She doesn't like it.

This has been a very hot week.  Zinger likes the fan on and blow cool air to her butt. She likes to keep her hot-looking butt cool.  It's hot today!! And there is a brand new fan sitting there. But the fan is not on. Because it is still in the box!!!!  Why can't someone open the box and plug it in and and turn it on??? Hot day and no fan. She doesn't like it. 

Still hasn't tried Zinger'd. She doesn't like it.

Zinger heard that someone went to Noe Valley today.  Noe Valley Bakery sells a cup cake Zinger'd. The cup cake is named after Zinger. Eventhough it is named after Zinger, but Zinger has never tried it before. She is waiting for someone to bring back a Zinger'd today. She is waiting. She doesn't like it. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jeans belt loop chafing skin. She doesn't like it.

Zinger has recently learned that if you do all of the following:
1) wear jeans with belt loops.
2) wear a belt.
3) carry a backpack.
4) running to catch a bus.

All of the above will result in the belt loop chafing skin on your back and cause open sore. This is because the bottom of the backpack rub against the belt on the back as you run. This pushes the belt loop against your skin.  And this rubbing on the skin causes an open sore.   

And if you repeate the above 4 items with different pair of jeans, then you will get another open sore at a different location because the belt loop location is different. She doesn't like it. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ghosts. She doesn't like it.

Zinger doesn't like ghosts. Halloween is less than 2 months away, so she got her ghost-buster shirt out from her closet. She is wearing it so no ghosts can come near her. She doesn't want any ghost to sneak up on her back and scare her. Ghosts on her back. She doesn't like it.

Flaky glazed donuts. She likes it.

Both 7-eleven and Napoleon Bakery in Hawaii sell these flakey double knot shaped donuts. She likes the glazed kind. They are so sweet and good. She can eat a dozen of them in one sitting. She likes it.

7-eleven shoyu tuna roll. She likes it.

7-eleven in Hawaii sells all kinds of musubi and sushi rolls. Zinger likes them all. Her favorite are the sushi rolls. The wasabi salmon and shoyu tuna are so good. Although she doesn't eat them but she approves of them and she knows they are really good. She likes it.