Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Thursday, December 1, 2011

No day after birthday sweets. She doesn't like it.

Zinger was waiting for her day after birthday sweets but she got nothing. No sweets on her birthday. No sweets on the day after her birthday. Does anyone care? Zinger is hoping that someone will bring her sweets two days after her birthday. She is waiting. It has been very cold lately and no sweets to warm up her cylinder. She doesn't like it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Sweets on Zinger's birthday. She doesn't like it.

Yesterday was Zinger's birthday. She wanted to go on a tour of sweets in the Bay Area. But nobody took her on the tour. She waited all day for some special sweets but by the end of the day.... NOTHING. Zinger was very very disappointed. Maybe someone will bring some post-birthday sweets for her today. She is waiting. She doesn't like it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fried banana egg rolls with gelato. She likes it.

Zinger visited Three Seasons in Palo Alto and had some awesome dessert. Fried banana egg rolls with vanilla gelato and caramel sauce. Very tasty combination. She likes it.

Road trip with Little Monchichai. She likes it.

Zinger continued her vacation with Little Monchichai. Little Monchichai is one fun loving monkey. She likes it.

Missing one Timbit. She doesn't like it.

While enjoying the sunset on the beach. Zinger munched on a box of Timbits. The box says 10 Timbits but Zinger only had 9 in the box. Where is the missing Timbit? She looked for it and could not find it. Someone ate it? She doesn't like it.

Zinger on the beach. She likes it.

Zinger went to an undisclosed place to relax and enjoy sweets while on vacation. She has been working very hard and the beach is a perfect place to rest her cylinder. Nice warm beach with gentle breeze. While watching the sunset, Zinger enjoyed some Timbits. Sweet Timbits are perfect for the sweet cylinder. She likes it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A fun little pink mokey. She likes it.

Little Monchichai was supposed to go visit Alaska and take a cruise. But someone left her behind. ( Zinger doesn't like it ) So Zinger took little Monchichai on their own vacation. First they visited the amusment park. They also went to National park. Here is a shot of Little Monchichai in front of a beautiful waterfall. Zinger likes it.

Summer vacation fun. She likes it.

Little Monchichai is a fun loving monkey. Recently she went to amusement park with Zinger. They rode roller coasters. Little Monchichai sat in the first car and Zinger sat in the second car. Little Monchichai is fearless. She loved riding roller coasters. What a fun way to start the summer. Zinger likes it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orlando Bloom to star in 'The Hobbit'. She likes it.

Zinger is looking forward to seeing Orlando Bloom in "The Hobbit". She likes it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golden Gate Bakery on vacation. She doesn't like it.

Everyone knows that Golden Gate Bakery has one of the best egg tart. There is always a line out of door. Anytime. Zinger hasn't had an egg tart in a while. But they were closed yesterday. Golden Gate is on vacation a lot. Zinger said that sweet shops should be open everyday because everybody needs sweets. She doesn't like it.

More Wahle City pastries. She likes it.

Zinger had Wahle City pastries last week, they were so good that she wanted to get more. She searched for the bakery but couldn't find it. Surprise!!! Zinger got some more Wahle City sweets. She got a pumpkin muffin with lots of edge. No missing edge. Very good muffin. Lemon bar was good too. And the pecan tart is just as good as last time. Sweet and buttery. The last pastry is a cheese croissant which Zinger didn't eat because she doesn't eat savory food. But she heard that it is very good. It's a dense croissant and there is something special in the cheese. Excellent flavor. Zinger approves. Wahle City pastries are so good that Zinger wants to visit the bakery herself, if only she can find it. She likes it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Chocolate dipped strawberries. She likes it.

Zinger likes sweet strawberries, especially if they are dipped in chocolate. Zinger got some over the weekend. Only one side of the strawberries are dipped. Zinger said next time make them completely covered in chocolate. She likes it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can't find Wahle City Bakery. She doesn't like it.

Zinger wants to go to Wahle City Bakery to get some more of those tasty pastries, but she couldn't find it. She searched on-line for the bakery but there is no Wahle City Bakery. Can't find Wahle City Bakery, no delicious sweets. She doesn't like it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Flat tire. She doesn't like it.

Monchichai's car got a screw in the tire. It was not repairable because the screw was too close to the side wall. It was replaced with a brand new tire. Flat tire. She doesn't like it.

It's Whale City Bakery. She likes it.

Zinger thought the trio of pastries she got were from a bakery in Berkeley. But they were actually from Wahle City Bakery in Davonport. Good pastries. She likes it.

Could not update blog for a day. She doesn't like it.

Zinger was not able to post on her blog page for a day due to maintenance. She doesn't like it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buttery pastries. She likes it.

Berry croissant, pecan pie, and danish muffin. Wow, what a nice assortment of sweets. They are from a bakery in Berkeley. All the pastries are good. Zinger can taste the butter in them. Got to have real butter for good pastries. Pecan pie is sweet, as a good pecan pie should be. And the danish muffin is flaky. Berry croissant is good. Very well shaped croissant. Zinger likes it.

Donut O's. She likes it.

Trader Joe's has a new bakery item: Old Fashioned Donut O's. Usually Zinger eats fresh raised yeast donuts, but she wanted to try the Trader Joe's version of the donut holes. They are coated with powder sugar. Sugar is good. They are made with buttermilk and whole wheat flour. Healthy stuff. Is it good? Zinger said they are good. She said they are easy to eat. After popping in a few of these O's, Zinger's face is covered with powder sugar. They are not as sweet as the raised donuts but still good stuff. She likes it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tasty 85 cafe buns. She likes it.

Zinger has been waiting for 85 Cafe buns for over 2 weeks. The wait is over. Look all the buns Zinger got. Zinger is so happy. They are fresh too. Same day delivery. The giant brioche bun is the size of her face. Tasty!!!. One of her favorites is the coffee walnut bun. That was the first bun Zinger ate. But wait, how come one edge of the crust is missing???? Defected bun? Or someone ate one edge?? Well, despite the missing edge, the bun still tastes very very good. Zinger is one happy cylinder. She likes it.

New Cousins!!! She likes it.

New Cousins wireless routing is working now. Zinger enjoys watching Youtube and accessing her Facebook page. But Zinger said that it's not as easy to use Youtube since it's not easy to use the on screen keyboard to type. Kind of slow, said Zinger. But she can get news, weather, ....etc on TV now. She likes it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Zinger cake!!!! She likes it.

Trader Joe's still has Zinger cake. Zinger is so very happy to hear that. She likes it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Runway Cafe cookies. She likes it.

What makes super good cookies? The magic ingredient is sugar. When you have lots of sugar in the cookies. They taste very very good like these ones that Zinger ate. They are from the Runway Cafe in Truckee. The peanut butter is very sweet and chewy. Perfect taste and texture. Oatmeal raisins are very good also. Next time if you are in the Truckee area, be sure to stop by this little cafe and pick up some of these sweet cookies for Zinger. Hmm..... so good.... She likes it.

No more Zinger cake. She doesn't like it.

Zinger cannot find the Zinger cake at Trader Joe's anymore. What happened? Discontinued? She doesn't like it.

Z for Zinger. She likes it.

These are small crispy chocolate chip cookies that Zinger likes. Zinger can eat a flapperful of them in her mouth. They make good Z letter for Zinger. She likes it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. She doesn't like it.

The big earthquake and tsunami in Japan makes Zinger unhappy. So many people got affected. And so many of her Sanrio buddies got affected also. She hopes her friends working at Puroland and Harmonyland are okay. She hopes that Monkichi's friends who live in Mt. Fuji are okay. Her thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this devastation. She doesn't like it.

No Oreo whoopie pie. She doesn't like it.

Zinger heard that Calafia has a new item: Oreo whoopie pie. And someone was there at Calafia and didn't get it for Zinger, knowing that Zinger would want to try it. She is waiting...... She doesn't like it.

Ding Dong and new Zinger. She likes it.

Ding Dong. Is that the door bell? Yes, Ding Dong is here. It has been a long time since Zinger had Ding Dong. It looks like Ding Dong has grown a bit taller. But so good. Fluffy marshmallow fillings and very very chocolaty. Accompanying Ding Dong is the new Zinger. No, not a new Zinger. There is only one Zinger. But it's the new Zinger wireless router. Hopefully the new Zinger router will allow Zinger to watch Youtube on the Samsung TV. She likes it.

Daylight savings time and red velvet cupcakes. She likes it

Daylight savings time. That means Zinger lost one hour of beauty sleep. How to make up for that? Got to eat sweets. Zinger got 3 red velvet cupcakes. They are good. Frosting is very sweet. and these cupcakes have the sweet fillings also. They are not as good as Sprinkles but still very good. Zinger likes it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No King Cake. She doesn't like it.

Fat Tuesday. Zinger waited for King Cake and nothing. No King Cake. She doesn't like it.

Happy Fat Tuesday. She likes it.

Happy Fat Tuesday. Zinger is looking forward to eating King Cake today. She likes it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"SORRY TRY AGAIN". She doesn't like it.

"SORRY TRY AGAIN". She doesn't like it.

Bagel poppers. She likes it.

Zinger likes bagels, but only if they are spread with lots of sweet cream cheese, especially the strawberry flavor. Zinger also likes the Cookies & Cream bagel poppers. They are soft bagel balls covered with pieces of Oreo Cookies & Cream. So tasty. Zinger just keeps popping them in her mouth. She likes it.

A sweet delicious and healthy breakfast. She likes it.

A good and healthy breakfast is very important. Starbucks oatmeal is a good way to start your day. It comes with brown sugar, nut medley, and dried fruits. Make sure you ask for extra brown sugar packets to make your oatmeal sweeter. She likes it.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar sweets. She likes it.

Zinger enjoyed a nice sweet bear claw while watching the Academy Awards show on TV. Very very tasty. She likes it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eating Klondike bars. She likes it.

It's a cold night. Maybe it will snow. How does Zinger keep her cylinder warm and healthy? How about some ice cream!!!! Klondike Kripy Crunch and Klondike Heath for Zinger. So sweet and yummy. She likes both flavors. Maybe someone will get her the Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwiches too. She likes it.

No Banana bread. She doesn't like it.

Feb 23rd was National banana bread day. Zinger was expecting to get some to celebrate this special day. But she got none. Someone should've gone to Kara's and get the Banana Caramel cupcake for Zinger. But nobody did. She doesn't like it.

Good Cinnamon Roll. She likes it.

Cold and rainy day. Zinger needs some sweets to warm up her cylinder. A big sweet cinnamon roll should help. Hmmm.... yummy. Zinger likes it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day. She likes it.

Zinger and Monchichai had a good Valentine's Day. Their Valentine brought Sprinkle's red velvet cupcakes. Monchichai got the one with the heart on the top. They also got candies and chocolates and a pink Kara's cupcake shopping bag. Zinger will use it to carry sweets. She likes it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day. She likes it.

Happy Valentine's Day. Zinger and Monchichai are ready to celebrate this day. They are both wearing heart on their faces. Zinger is waiting for her Valentine's Day special sweets. She likes it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who will be Zinger's Valentine? She likes it.

Who is the lucky one to be Zinger's Valentine this year? She likes it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look at all the 85 Cafe sweets. She likes it.

Wow, what is Zinger looking at? Bountiful of 85 Cafe sweet breads and cake and creme brulee. All personally delivered by air to Zinger. So so yummy. See how happy Zinger is looking at all the sweets that she is going to eat. She likes it.

Superbowl Sweets. She likes it.

Zinger watched Super Bowl game and enjoyed all the commercials and the half time performance by Black Eyed Peas. And Zinger got a super sized almond pastry to enjoy while watching the game. Tasty pastry. She likes it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Looking forward to Super Bowl sweets. She likes it.

It's Super Bowl weekend. Zinger is looking forward to all the sweets that she will be eating while watching the game. She likes it.

Happy New Year. She likes it.

Happy New Year!! It's the year of rabbit. Zinger said it should be a healthy, happy and prosperous year with lots of sweets. She likes it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Lunar New Year's Eve sweets. She doesn't like it.

Yesterday was Lunar New Year's Eve and Zinger was waiting for sweets. But no sweets. She does't like it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where is Sprinklesmobile? She doesn't like it.

Zinger wants to get some cupcakes from Sprinklesmobile. But it never comes to the Bay Area. Please, Sprinklesmobile should come to Bay Area. Zinger is waiting. She doesn't like it.

Kara's cupcakes are small. She doesn't like it.

Zinger likes Kara's cupcakes because they taste very good. But they are smaller than Sprinkles. Small Kara's cupcake size. She doesn't like it.

Happy Lunar New Year's Eve. She likes it.

Happy Lunar New Year's Eve. Zinger is waiting for sweets to celebrate the New Year. She likes it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kara's cupcakes. She likes it.

Zinger got the news that Karavan was going to be at Lockheed Martin's parking lot in San Jose. It was a very nice and warm day. A good day for Zinger to ride her pillow there. She was stopped at the gate to the parking lot. The security agent asked Zinger, "May I help you?" Zinger told her she came for Kara's cupcakes. Then security pointed to the Karavan and asked to see Zinger's photo ID. Zinger showed it to her and she went in. This was the first time Zinger visited a cupcake van. The Karavan lady was very nice. Zinger got her cupcakes and headed back to enjoy them. The carrot cupcake was moist and yummy. The chocolate with coconut cream cheese frosting was very good. The cream cheese was so good. Zinger likes that red heart decoration on the frosting. Kara's cupcakes seem a little smaller than Sprinkles?? Zinger wants to do a side by side taste test with Sprinkles and Kara's. Zinger likes it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January birthday monkeys. She likes it.

Monkichi and Monchihai's birthdays are in January. Look what Monkichi is wearing. Nice shirt Monkichi. She likes it.

Monchichai's Birthday. She likes it.

For Monchichai's birthday, she got a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. It's pink strawberry and chocolate ice cream. "Pink is good" Zinger likes the ice cream. Very tasty. She likes it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Monkichi's Birthday. She likes it.

Yesterday was Monkichi's birthday. What did Monkichi get? He got two Sprinkles banana cupcakes. One with chocolate frosting and one with vanilla frosting. When the cupcakes were delivered to Monkichi. Zinger was more excited than Monkichi because she wanted to try the banana cupcakes. She has not had Sprinkles banana cupcake before. Zinger tried both cupcakes and both were very good. Thanks to Monkichi for sharing his cupcakes with Zinger. She likes it.

Sticky German Chocolate cupcake. She likes it.

Sticky German chocolate cupcake is so very good. Super sweet sticky caramel with coconut. Chocolate cake is super moist. Zinger likes it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking forward to German Chocolate cupcake. She likes it.

Sprinkles is giving away free German Chocolate cake.

Sticky stuff may get a bad rap, but Sprinkles new German Chocolate cupcakes will leave you licking your fingers for more. On January 11, you are invited to preview Sprinkles new flavor before it debuts on January 14. The topping on this Southern classic is a rich, golden caramel laced with fresh coconut ...and crunchy pecans. Piled high atop a light chocolate cake, you'll proclaim a newfound devotion to all things sticky!

Sticky? Did they say sticky? Zinger loves sticky buns. And if the cupcake has sticky caramel, Zinger sure will like it. She is waiting to go there tonight to try their German chocolate cupcakes. She likes it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year sweets!!! She likes it.

Happy New Year!!! Zinger got Sprinkles cupcakes on New Year's Day. Strawberry cupcake is good. And of course the red velvet is always good. Peace and lots of sweets to everyone. She likes it.