Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zinger Cake. She likes it!!!!

Everyone knows that Zinger loves to eat sweets. Cakes, donuts, stickybuns, cupcakes...etc. The sweeter, the better.  So when Trader Joe's decided to make a cake named Zinger. This has to be a cake good and sweet enough to put Zinger's name on it.  It's a bundt-like cake with touch of lemon zing and raspberries and drizzledwith sweet icings.  The label on the package is the same color as Zinger.  And how does this cake taste?  Heavenly delicious.  And there is no preservatives or artificial colors in the cake. It uses no-aluminum baking powder.  All natural ingredients. Real sugar. It's all good for you stuff. When Zinger eats her Zinger cake, she feels like dancing on her flappers.  And everyone who has tried her Zinger cake likes it a lot.  The only inconvenience is that this cake is available in Minneapolis. Zinger will have to travel to Minneapolis to get this cake.  Zinger Cake, flappers up.  She likes it.

Cupcakes!!! She likes it and she doesn't like it.

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!!! Zinger loves cupcakes. Cupcake shop in downtown Minneapolis has so many varieties of cupcakes. Zinger wants to try them all.  Tha Mad Cow is chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It is super sweet and super good.  The Razz Ma Tazz is chocolate with raspberry fillings with raspberry infused French buttercream. She heard that they are very good.  Zinger had placed an order for one of each kind of cupcakes to be delivered to her ( 72 cupcakes total) . But nobody picked up the order for her. She was very disppointed.  This cupcake shop also sells a sweet brown sugar butter roll for $0.65 each. It is buttery and sweet with crunchy tops. It almost tastes like the Monkey Bread at Whole Foods.  It's a good deal too. She like it. Good cupcakes, she likes it.  No cupcake delivery, she doesn't like it.

Stella's Seafood Salmon Burger. She likes it.

Stella's Seafood in Minneapolis serves one awesome salmon burger. Thick patty of moist salmon with the right amount of spice. And the toasted bun makes this a perfect salmon burger. Zinger didn't eat the burger because she only eats sweets. But she approves of this salmon burger. She likes it. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rubio's All American Taco. She likes it.

Rubio's has a new item on their menu: All American Taco. It has a ground beef patty in tortilla with cheese, chipole mayo, lettuce, and salsa.  And on Thursdays after 2pm, it's $1.99. It's regular price is $3.30 each. Zinger doesn't eat the taco because she only eats sweets. But she approves of this taco.  She likes it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perfectly shaped donut. She likes it.

Rolling Pin Donuts is a 24-hour donut shop in San Bruno. Their donut is what made Zinger fall in love with donuts in the first place. After seeing a picture of Rolling Pin Donut posted on jatbar.com, Zinger began her quest to look for the perfect donut.  The first time Zinger had Rolling Pin donuts years ago, they were fresh out of fryer at 11pm, still piping hot. Yesterday, Zinger got fresh delivery of two Rolling Pin Donuts. The chocolate donut was good. The chocolate was a dark chocolate type.  The glazed donut is the most perfectly shaped donut. Fresh puffy soft donut with perfect glaze. The color is just perfect.  Zinger stared at the donut for a very long time.  Zinger took a bite of the donut and saved the rest for later.  It's a sweet and bittersweet donut. Sweet because it is a very tasty sweet donut. Bittersweet because this may be the last donut Zinger will get delivered to her.  Rolling Pin Donuts, she likes it.  Last donut, she doesn't like it. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

JPP almond croissant. She likes it.

Wow, a JPP almond croissant!!!  Zinger happily looks at it and can't wait to bite into it and just as she expected.  One excellent almond croissant.  Zinger likes it.

Trash outside of trash can. She doesn't like it.

Cutback on the janitorial services => overflow trash cans, dirty breakroom and always running out of paper towel, less than clean bathrooms.....etc.  Laid off janitors protest outside of company headquarter. Zinger doesnt' like it. 

Chocolate souffle tart. She likes it

Ding Dong!!  Whenever Zinger hears Ding Dong, She knows that something sweet is coming. It's Calafia chocolate souffle tart. Zinger always likes tart crust. This sweet tart has chocolate souffle filling. It is so.... good. Moist and very good chocolate flavor. And a bit chewy.  Zinger really likes it.