Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Runway Cafe cookies. She likes it.

What makes super good cookies? The magic ingredient is sugar. When you have lots of sugar in the cookies. They taste very very good like these ones that Zinger ate. They are from the Runway Cafe in Truckee. The peanut butter is very sweet and chewy. Perfect taste and texture. Oatmeal raisins are very good also. Next time if you are in the Truckee area, be sure to stop by this little cafe and pick up some of these sweet cookies for Zinger. Hmm..... so good.... She likes it.

No more Zinger cake. She doesn't like it.

Zinger cannot find the Zinger cake at Trader Joe's anymore. What happened? Discontinued? She doesn't like it.

Z for Zinger. She likes it.

These are small crispy chocolate chip cookies that Zinger likes. Zinger can eat a flapperful of them in her mouth. They make good Z letter for Zinger. She likes it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. She doesn't like it.

The big earthquake and tsunami in Japan makes Zinger unhappy. So many people got affected. And so many of her Sanrio buddies got affected also. She hopes her friends working at Puroland and Harmonyland are okay. She hopes that Monkichi's friends who live in Mt. Fuji are okay. Her thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this devastation. She doesn't like it.

No Oreo whoopie pie. She doesn't like it.

Zinger heard that Calafia has a new item: Oreo whoopie pie. And someone was there at Calafia and didn't get it for Zinger, knowing that Zinger would want to try it. She is waiting...... She doesn't like it.

Ding Dong and new Zinger. She likes it.

Ding Dong. Is that the door bell? Yes, Ding Dong is here. It has been a long time since Zinger had Ding Dong. It looks like Ding Dong has grown a bit taller. But so good. Fluffy marshmallow fillings and very very chocolaty. Accompanying Ding Dong is the new Zinger. No, not a new Zinger. There is only one Zinger. But it's the new Zinger wireless router. Hopefully the new Zinger router will allow Zinger to watch Youtube on the Samsung TV. She likes it.

Daylight savings time and red velvet cupcakes. She likes it

Daylight savings time. That means Zinger lost one hour of beauty sleep. How to make up for that? Got to eat sweets. Zinger got 3 red velvet cupcakes. They are good. Frosting is very sweet. and these cupcakes have the sweet fillings also. They are not as good as Sprinkles but still very good. Zinger likes it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No King Cake. She doesn't like it.

Fat Tuesday. Zinger waited for King Cake and nothing. No King Cake. She doesn't like it.

Happy Fat Tuesday. She likes it.

Happy Fat Tuesday. Zinger is looking forward to eating King Cake today. She likes it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"SORRY TRY AGAIN". She doesn't like it.

"SORRY TRY AGAIN". She doesn't like it.

Bagel poppers. She likes it.

Zinger likes bagels, but only if they are spread with lots of sweet cream cheese, especially the strawberry flavor. Zinger also likes the Cookies & Cream bagel poppers. They are soft bagel balls covered with pieces of Oreo Cookies & Cream. So tasty. Zinger just keeps popping them in her mouth. She likes it.

A sweet delicious and healthy breakfast. She likes it.

A good and healthy breakfast is very important. Starbucks oatmeal is a good way to start your day. It comes with brown sugar, nut medley, and dried fruits. Make sure you ask for extra brown sugar packets to make your oatmeal sweeter. She likes it.