Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stan's Donuts. Still the best!!!

It has been a long while since Zinger had Stan's Donuts. After the big disappointment of no donuts on National Donut Day, Zinger got a surprise donut from Stan's Donut shop. That was an excellent donut. Flappers up for Stan's Donut. She likes it.

National Donut Day. But no donuts. She doesn't like it.

June 4th was National Donut Day. Zinger wanted to celebrate it by eating donuts. But she waited and waited until mid-night. No donuts came. She was very disappointed. She doesn't like it.

Pre-National Donut Day Donut.

June 4 was the National Donut day. That's one of Zinger's favorite day of the year. The day before this very important day, Zinger got a big crumb cinnamon roll donut. It's a big donut. But never too big nor too much for Zinger. Zinger said the donut was okay. She gave it a 5.5 donuts rating out of possible 10. She was looking forward to more donuts on June 4th. She likes it.