Zinger likes Sprinkles Cupcakes

Friday, March 27, 2009

TJs Ice Cream Cake. She likes it.

TJs Ice Cream Cake finally came. Zinger was so excited to try it. But she had to wait until after dinner to eat it with her guest Henry.  The cake has three layers. Very moist chocolate cake on the bottom. 2 layers of chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream on the top with white frosting on the top. The side is covered with oreo cookie crumbs. Zinger and her guest really enjoyed the cake. Flapper's up on the cake. She likes it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ski without helmet. She doesn't like it.

Recently, Zinger heard about a famous actress suffered severe head injury while learning to ski. The actress was not wearing a helmet when she fell on a beginner slope.  No matter what shape and size you head is (Medium/Large for someone she knows),  always wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding.  It could save your life.  Injured without a helmet, she doesn't like it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Power outage. She doesn't like it.

Last night, Zinger was watching Dancing with the Star on TV.  Suddenly the power went out.  Total darkness.  Zinger looked out of the window and the entire neighborhood did not have power. So Zinger got out her flapper-cranked LED flashlight. She kept flapping the LED  flashlight to keep the the light on. Zinger waited and waited and still no power. The power finaly came back after 1AM. She doesn't like it. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Still no TJ's Ice Cream Cake.She doesn't like it.

 There is a new item at TJ's: ice cream cake.  And someone Zinger knows was there at TJ's the first weekend the product was in the store. TJ's was even giving out samples.  That someone even called Zinger to let her know about this new product. So Zinger was  all anxious to try it. But then that person didn't get the ice cream cake but promised to get it the next weekend.  Zinger didn't like it. So the following weekend, again Zinger waited for the ice cream cake. That person went to TJ's, saw the ice cream cake there but still didn't get it. The excuse was "not going straight to Zinger from TJs and the ice cream will melt".  What? No ice cream cake again? The person did not keep her promise. Once again, that person said "next week".  Zinger cannot believe her now. Three strikes and you are out.  One more week of waiting. Zinger doesn't like it.

Perfect looking donut. She likes it.

Penny's Donuts in Fremont makes perfect looking donut. BIG and perfectly shaped donut.  Zinger likes the shape. What about the taste? Zinger bit into it. Hmm.  Soft. Nice. But not as good as Chuck's. There is just something missing in the glaze to make it a perfect donut.  The dough is soft but it lacks the texture that Zinger likes it.  Overall a good donut. Zinger likes it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look, pinwheel donut. She likes it.

One of Zinger's favorite sweets is donuts. She is always looking for good tasty donut. Look what she got. A big pinwheel donut. It's soft and the glaze flakes and has good flavor. Zinger doesn't know which donut shop made this donut.  She will ride her pillow to find this donut shop.  She likes it.

Tax time. She doesn't like it.

It's tax time.  Time for Zinger to prepare her tax returns.  She dreads doing it. Need more sweets to prep her to prep tax returns.  Turbo Tax or Tax Cut?   More sweets please. She doesn't like it. 

Jean Phillippe Bakery. She likes it.

Zinger said that anything from Jean Phillippe Bakery is good.  But go early because they might run out of the pastries that you like.  She likes it. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jean Phillippe Almond Brioche. She likes it.

Ahhh....  Jean Phillipe, probably the world's best bakery for almond croissant. Zinger is looking forward to getting some JP almond croissant from Vegas.  Ever since she had their almond croissant last time, she had been craving for more.  " Ding Dong" (door bell),  must be JP special delivery.  Zinger opened the door and sees the JP box.  She is all smiling. She opened the box and saw a round pastry, not almond croissant. They sold out almond croissant. She doesn't like it. But then she tried a bite of the almond brioche. Hmm, similar almond filling. Good flavor.  She likes it. Maybe there will be almond croissant next time. She is waiting.

Chocolate mousse cake. She likes it.

Zinger got a chocolate mousse cake from Calafia. It's delicious. The chocolate cake tastes familiar. Hmmm... it tastes like the chocolate cake in Ding Dong. And it's the same size cake used in both Ding Dong and the mousse cake.  Very moist cake. She likes it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Earthquake and no sweets. She doesn't like it.

Sunday morning, new day light saving time. Zinger is parked on her pillow waiting for some sweets. Losing an hour is not good for cylinder. She needs extra sweet to compensate for the loss of one hour.  Suddenly, the whole bed is shaking up and down. Earthquake. Fortunately, it didn't last long. Zinger is a bit shaken up.  But still no sweets. She doesn't like it.